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IAS & IPS Preparation Tips For Beginners

IAS & IPS preparation tips for beginners

Basic preparation tips for Indian Administrative Services (IAS) / Indian Police Services (IPS).
To prepare for this elite civil services exam, candidates should have proper preparation strategy, timeline, guidance, and a proper plan to prepare for UPSC Exam. The very minute you decided to write the UPSC exam, start yourself with basic preparation.

UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) consists of the following 3 stages:

  1. Preliminary Exam (objective)
  2. Main Exam (written)
  3. Interview (personality test)

The first question that arises in the mind of aspirants is ‘How to start preparation initially?

I. Study NCERT textbooks thoroughly :

A thorough study of NCERT textbooks is very much essential for UPSC exam preparation. It is very important to work your way through all UPSC related books from class 6 to class 12. In that thorough knowledge of class 6th to 10th all NCERT books, Economics, History, and Geography from class 11 and Class 12thare necessary to prepare for UPSC. The preliminary exam contains approximately 18 to 25 questions from these subjects. But Science and mathematics are not necessary for PUC.

II. Read Newspaper regularly :

The newspapers provide vital study material on current affairs which is a crucial component of the questions asked in the IAS exam. The most recommended newspaper for the IAS exam is ‘The Hindu’. Must follow the news which boosts their knowledge and command over language helps them to prepare for UPSC. Importantly in the areas of current affairs, international and national news, Important bills presented in the Parliament, Government policies/schemes/reforms details, News related to the Constitution, amendments, focusing on Supreme Court/High Court verdicts, reform in the banking, agriculture, economy, etc.

III. Watch TV News channels :

Most of the news channel which help the aspirants to gain depth understanding of the subjects, Current Affairs which is a predominant subject in the area of UPSC exam. Channels like Loksabha TV, Rajyasabha TV covers important debates, government schemes, reforms, policies, budgets, economy, elections, international issues related news are the most important news to follow by the UPSC aspirants.

IV. Understanding the syllabus, exam pattern and preparation strategy :

It is very important to understand the UPSC syllabus thoroughly. This should be easy once you understand the syllabus and structure of the exam. So that you can plan accordingly and start the preparation further. If you stick to the syllabus and understand exactly what they want, you will be able to limit the volume of your preparation and concentrate on that.

V. Boost general knowledge through various sources :

When you begin your preparation, don’t forget to avail of any opportunity to enhance your general knowledge which is the main requirement of UPSC exams. It might be from any source like newspaper, TV News headlines, Current affairs, Mobile applications, NCERT Textbooks, guidelines from toppers, mentors etc.

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