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About Us

Universal School of Administration (USA) is perhaps, the first College of its kind in the country, which offers Graduation courses such as B.A &B.Com (3 years course) and B.A., LL.B., & B.B.A., LL.B.,(5 years course) along with Integrated training for IAS with intense and high-quality  coaching for various other competitive examinations that are conducted at State & Central levels. This enables students to fast-track their preparation to qualify for administrative services at an early age and improve their career prospects in the long run.

USA is the brainchild of Universal Coaching Centre Bangalore, (UCC) which is one of the leading coaching centres, in Bangalore providing holistic and exam oriented coaching for all competitive examinations being held at State and Central levels Past 18 years. UCC has an excellent track record in various competitive examinations like IAS, IPS, KAS and other Grade B & C services.

Founder Director 

He serves as the Director to Universal Coaching Center and personally helps students to reach their Goal. He is also Managing Director for Sri. Ramana Maharshi Hospitality Service (P) Ltd, hotel Cave & Dine Bangalore (www.cavendine.com). He is also Founder Trustee for Universal Charitable Centre, Related to various charitable Educational & Social Activities in Rural & Backward Areas.

He serves as the Director to Universal Coaching Center and personally helps students to reach their Goal. He is also Founder Trustee for Universal Charitable Centre,  Related to various charitable Educational & Social Activities in Rural & Backward Areas.


Our vision is make Universal School of Administration a  “Gateway to Public Services”


To achieve and sustain excellence in teaching along with providing coaching for IAS & other central and state exams to the students through our expertise. To Prepare Better citizens cum administrators to the country to serve the nation.

A glimpse of achievements of UCC's students

  • 2nd Rank in IAS Examination, 2002 secured by Mr. Satyaprakash
  • 16th  Rank in IAS Examination  2004 secured by Mr. Ajay nagbushan, 
  • 19th  Rank in IAS Examination  2004 secured by Mr.Praphul Chandra Sharma 
  • 11th  Rank in IAS Examination  2009 secured by Sowmya C
  • 15th  Rank in IAS Examination  2011 secured by Mr. Shreyas 
  • 4 students listed in top 50 ranks in IAS Examination, 2008.
  • 1st Rank in KAS Examination, 2005 secured by Mr. Praveen B. L.
  • 1st Rank in KAS Examination, 2006 secured by Mr. Chandrashekhar
  • 1st Rank in KAS Examination, 2010 secured by Mr. Chidananda
  • 1st Rank in KAS Examination, 2011 Secured by Mr. gourav Shetty
  • 20 students have made to the final list in IAS Examination, 2015
  • 75 IAS officers, 9 IFS officers, 136 IRS officers, 90 IPS officers and 250 plus in other services, with a total of more than 6000 former students who are serving the nation under various State Government Services such as KAS/PSI/FDA/SDA/PDO/Bank-PO, High School, College Faculty.

Courses Offered

An integrated education is be provided to the B.A & B.Com. In the morning hours, students will learn their respective degree courses/subjects. And in the afternoon hours, they will be taught the subjects or required for IAS exam throughout the three years. The syllabus for the degree course is as per the Bangalore University Norms and the syllabus for the IAS exam will be given Prior to for each semester. The courses and subjects will be taught as per the schedule


Our college infrastructure includes Campus with hostel facility to the students. The Campus is located in idyllic environs, away from the din and clamor of the city.

Hostel accommodation is offered separately to boys and girls. Round-the Clock vigil is maintained on the campus especially in the girls hostels to Keep them feel secure and protected, because we believe in offering rigid security for female students to ensure a comfortable ambience for studying as well as privacy


To promote physical and mental wellbeing of students sports facility is provided in the campus. Participation in different sports fosters leadership, teamwork, discipline, and confidence in the students. Our focus is on gender equity and diversity in sports, to ensure a friendly and fearless environment and to instill the values of fair play and sportsmanship in students.

To develop individual and teams in games we provide the infrastructure for Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Chess, Tennis and Volleyball



The library helps a Good deal in Spreading Knowledge and Education, Hence Membership of a Library gives one the Opportunity of becoming Familiar with a Large number and Variety of Books.

Computer Lab

The computer lab, offers a variety of adjacent spaces and services to support teaching & learning needs for students, faculty and staff use.



The college hostel is a Place where people live in perfect harmony. Students coming from different parts of the country or a province forget all their differences and begin to live like members of a vast family.


Food Servicehttp://uccindia.org/admin/bower_components/ckfinder/userfiles/files/generated-html-4_9(1).jpg

The Mess is one place that students can freely get along with each other Over meals. Care is taken to prepare food under extremely hygienic conditions with a cosmopolitan spread. Students are offered milk in the mornings and milk/tea in the evening break along with snacks, apart from the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is tasted by the administrative staff first before it is served to students to ensure quality and proper cooking. But best efforts are put in to ensure that students relish food on campus, because campus will be their home for three years.


Meditation Hall & Yoga Centre 

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content. Yoga is an old discipline from India. It is both spiritual and physical. Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It claims to improve health and happiness.


Residential Campus

Apart from the facilities mentioned earlier, the residential campuses are provided with additional infrastructure for the comfort and convenience of students.

Hostel: The hostel is under the supervision of Hostel-in-charge, Assistant hostel-incharges and wardens. The hostel staff attends to students and ensures that amenities offered to them are in good order. Students are provided with mineral water for drinking 24/7, and hot water for bath everyday.

Dialing Home: Pay phone booths are kept within the hostel premises so that boarders can call parents and keep them posted of their well-being. Students can access only numbers given by parents. Tuck shops (mini super market type shops) within the respective campuses cater to the day to day requirements of the hostellers.



Conference Hall Cum Auditorium

Fully equipped conference facilities are available in the campus. The audio visual facilities are digitally enhanced and designed for Effective Presentations with Excellent Auditory Reception.



Student Cultural Centre

The cultural centres foster a sense of cultural identity and educate people in the larger community. They also act as optional social centres and community bases for students of a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds , supplementing the social environment of the larger.


Transportation available:-

Pick Up & Drop Points

Attiguppe Metro Station

Deepanjali Metro Station

Nayandalli Metro Station