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ASH TRACK Mobile App

ASH TRACK Mobile App


ASH TRACK Mobile App has been launched by the Ministry of Power in February 2018 for better management of fly ash produced by thermal power plants by providing an interface between fly ash producers (Thermal Power Plants) and potential ash users such as – road contractors, cement plants etc..

Features of ASH TRACK :

  • The ASH TRACK App would be managing 200 million tonnes of fly ash by tracking coal based power plants situated within 100 km and 300 km from given location and availability of fly ash, along with prospective users within the same radius.
  • The App gives plant-wise, utility-wise and State-wise ash utilization status in the country.
  • The thermal plants would regularly update fly ash generation, utilization and stock on the web portal and the app.
  • This would allow effective monitoring and reviewing for increasing ash utilization. This would also help in protecting environment in terms of reduction in fugitive emissions, saving of precious top soil and conservation of land for sustainable development