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Saudi Arabia: Joint Gulf Shield Drills Commence

Saudi Arabia: Joint Gulf Shield Drills Commence


Joint Gulf Shield 1 drill, organized by Saudi Ministry of Defense, kicked off in the Eastern Region with the participation of military forces from 23 states as well as the Saudi forces.

The drill is scheduled to last for one month.

Know about drill:

  • The drill is considered the largest military maneuvers in the region in terms of diversity of expertise and quality of weapons.
  • It aims at raising the military readiness of the participating countries, modernizing the joint mechanisms and enhancing coordination and cooperation.


  • The Gulf Shield 1 drill is a turning point in terms of the techniques used in accordance with the most modern military systems in the world.


  • The Ministry of Defense, which includes ground and air forces, air defense forces, naval forces, weapons of mass destruction units and medical services in the armed forces, participates in the exercise from Saudi Arabia, as well as security and military forces affiliated to the Ministries of the Interior and National Guard.
  • The large-scale tactical exercises are part of a comprehensive strategic vision of the Ministry of Defense in Saudi Arabia, because of their great role in enhancing military and security readiness for various circumstances and scenarios to maintain security and stability in the region and the world.