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PM greets people on Cheti Chand

PM greets people on Cheti Chand


The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has greeted the people on the occasion of Cheti Chand.

Know about Cheti Chand:

  • Cheti Chand is a festival which marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year for the Sindhi Hindus.
  •  The festival date is based on the lunar cycle of the lunisolar Hindu calendar, it being the first day of the year and the Sindhi month of Chet (Chaitra).
  • It typically falls in late March or early April in the Gregorian calendar on or about the same day as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra and Ugadiin other parts of the Deccan region of India.
  • The festival marks the arrival of spring and harvest, but in Sindhi community it also marks the mythical birth of Uderolal in year 1007, after they prayed to Hindu god Varuna to save them from the persecution by tyrannical Muslim ruler named Mirkhshah.