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India-Korea Business Summit 2018

India-Korea Business Summit 2018

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The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is one of the very few countries whose economy is open and fosters growth. Listing democracy, demography and demand as the three important factors for any thriving economy, he said India is a combination of all three.

The India-Korea Business Summit 2018 was held on 27th February with the theme: India – Korea: Scaling up the Special Strategic Relationship through Trade and Investments


The summit aims to create the framework for an open and action-oriented dialogue between top business leaders and the government officials from India and Korea.

The agenda of the summit will focus on specific sectors where new and immediate opportunities exist for Korean and Indian companies such as Infrastructure, ICT, Power, Smart Cities, Manufacturing and other strategic areas of collaborations.

Over 200 business delegates including top executives of some leading Korean business conglomerates and Government officials are participating in the Summit. India and Korea are the third and fourth largest economies in Asia.