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Twitter cracks down on automated ‘bot’ accounts

Twitter cracks down on automated ‘bot’ accounts


Twitter has announced a crackdown on accounts powered by software “bots” which can artificially amplify a person or cause and which have been accused of manipulating the social network during the 2016 U.S. election.


  • . The move was the latest by Twitter to enforce rules aimed at curbing disinformation, propaganda and provocation.
  • Since the 2016 election, Twitter and others discovered how “bots” had been used to sow political divisions and spread hoaxes.

What is Bot Software?

  •  Bot software are programs that have a degree of autonomy during the processing stage and a less limited range during the input and output stages
  • Bots are the software equivalents of robots: automated machines and automated bot software. What tasks they can attempt, let alone accomplish, is wide-ranging, and varies AI to AI.

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