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State universities Bill passed

State universities Bill passed


The Karnataka State Universities Bill, 2017, which will have under it 21 State-funded universities coming under the Higher Education Department and is expected to bring comprehensive changes in administration and financial discipline, was passed unanimously by the Legislative Council of karnataka

The Bill, passed in the Assembly in June 2017, was passed by the Council after incorporating changes sought by the House Committee to which the Bill had been referred to earlier.

About Karnataka State Universities Bill, 2017:

  • Once it receives Governor’s assent, it will replace the Karnataka State Universities Act 2000.
  • “The Bill seeks to bring uniformity in administration of all universities, which were currently administered through seven Acts that created confusion and technical issues
  • It also seeks to tighten financial control over universities.

Why in need of such legislation?

  • “Financial transactions in universities are not transparent. Each university follows different practices in purchase of items so much so that there have been instances of universities procuring costly wooden furniture from Cauvery Emporium and officials buying pens that cost ₹1 lakh. There has to be guidelines for expenditure,
  • “Universities have been found spending money without the government’s or the Cabinet’s nod.
  • Huge gap between the estimates and the bill paid. 
  • The Bill also seeks to bring in transparency in the recruitment process.
  • “The Bill makes it mandatory for written examination during recruitment and the interview will be videographed and uploaded on the university website