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NASA developing spacesuit with built-in toilet

NASA developing spacesuit with built-in toilet


NASA scientists are developing a new spacesuit that includes a waste-disposal system, which will allow astronauts to remain in their spacesuits for up to six days in case of emergencies.

About new spacesuit:

The new suits, called the Orion Crew Survival Systems Suits (OCSSS), will be worn by astronauts on NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which will carry humans beyond low Earth orbit.


 Orion will be equipped with a toilet, NASA is making contingency plans in case of emergencies, including the possibility that the Orion capsule depressurises and the astronauts have to remain in their suits to survive.

NASA wants astronauts to be able to survive in their suits for up to six days.

Why need of new spacesuites?

Existing suits come equipped with diapers called maximum absorbency garments. Astronauts do not remain in their suits for more than 10 hours at a time. Once out of the spacesuit, astronauts use the onboard toilets.

About NASA: