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‘Tribes India’ -a Retail Marketing Activity for Tribal Produce by TRIFED

‘Tribes India’ -a Retail Marketing Activity for Tribal Produce by TRIFED

In news:

TRIFED, a PSU under Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India has been working with the objective of promoting tribal art and craft for the benefit of tribal artisans of the country, under the scheme “Institutional Support for Development & Marketing of tribal products/produce” of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

The Retail Marketing Activities ‘Tribes India’ of TRIFED:

  • TRIFED’s efforts for market development of tribal products envisage enhancing income of tribals by way of providing marketing support for the various hand-crafted products they produce.
  • Metal Crafts Tribal Textiles, Tribal Jewellery, Tribal Paintings, Cane & Bamboo,Terracotta and Stone Pottery, Gifts and Novelties &Organic and Natural Food products are the some Products.
  • In order to promote tribal art and craft and also boost overall sales, TRIFED organises and participates in Domestic and International exhibitions.
  • TRIFED organizes National Tribal Craft Expo by the name of Aadishilp, in which individual tribal artisans, tribal SHGs, Agencies / Organizations working with tribals are invited to participate and showcase their rich tribal heritage
  • TRIFED also organises exhibitions by the name of Aadichitra since 2010, in which tribal paintings only like Gond from Madhya Pradesh, Saora from Orissa, Warli from Maharashtra and Pithora paintings from Gujarat, are exclusively displayed and sold.
  • OCTAVE– a dance festival of North Eastern Region, organized by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. TRIFED is associated with this event since 2008-09. TRIFED facilitates participation of artisans from North Eastern region and provides them the opportunity to showcase and market their products.


The tribal population of the country, as per 2011 census, is around 10.43 crore, constituting 8.6% of the total population, 89.97% of them live in rural areas and 10.03% in urban areas. Thus, there exists a vast potential for harnessing the supply of tribal handicraft products from the 705 Scheduled Tribes ethnic groups of 30 States/UTs in 590 districts across the country.

Govt. of India has initiated a number of steps to develop socio economic conditions of tribal population in the country and one of those initiatives, is the formation of Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) in 1987. It is a national-level apex organization functioning under the administrative control of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India. TRIFED has a network of its (Member Federations) and (13 offices) all over India with its headquarters in New Delhi.